definition of indispensable

The word indispensable is a term that allows to refer through it when something, or failing that, someone, turns out to be essential for the achievement of an activity, an objective, among others, or simply for the life of an individual who without him (husband / boyfriend, etc.) or it (object precious, medicine, among others) could not continue living. Mario is indispensable to me, without him I feel lost in life. It is essential that we get the medicine otherwise your health will worsen immediately.

The person or person who is indispensable cannot be dispensed with in any way, they are needed, yes or yes, for x reason. For example, air and water turn out to be two fundamental elements for living things to continue living.

And another of the uses of the word indispensable allows to account for that which cannot be dispensed or excused in any way, that is to say, that it is something obligatory. Your presence was essential and you left us abandoned with all the work to be solved.

It should be noted that, on the contrary of what is essential, we find the accessory ...

For example, a physical trainer will need sports clothing to carry out his task: running shoes, gym equipment consisting of a T-shirt and shorts, or long joggers plus a T-shirt, and a jacket. Such garments are essential for the professional to be able to satisfactorily perform his task, with suitable clothing and footwear that allow him to be comfortable to deploy the different movements. Meanwhile, it will not be essential, but rather an accessory issue, that both the garments and footwear are from a top-level sports brand, foreign-made, among other characteristics. The most important thing turns out to be the comfort provided by the garments and footwear for your activity and not if it is from this or that brand.