sketch definition

The sketch is that first sketch or initial elaboration of the sketch or design that is made at the request of a pictorial work or any other production that directly involves human creativity, such as an idea, a concept, an initiative, among others..

That is, the sketch would be something like the first step on the artist's path to realizing his work, the materialization of the author's idea.

Being just a sketch, the sketch will evolve by completing a series of stages until it becomes that complete work, for this reason is that the concept of sketch is closely linked to any vague and still not very specific idea that one has of something. .

For example, before building a house, the architect will present to his client a sketch of what he has put together with the aim of determining if he really, broadly speaking, meets the demands and requirements and once that sketch is approved or Vague idea will begin to take shape through the different stages that will complete it.

In those More technical fields, the sketch, resembles a scheme, when it is supposed to be the guide for the development of a project, in this case, the sketch is the basis that indicates the steps to be followed.

But on the other hand, in the case of a text, the outline will be a short summary that will include phrases and words, rather than full paragraphs. The organization will be hierarchical in order to provide greater clarity to it. For example, when an author wants to carry out an essay, what he does is capture all those ideas that he wants to mention in his text in an outline in order to organize them, giving greater importance to one and the other, in addition to contributing to clarity.

An outline would go something like this:


I- Main Idea

A - First idea of ​​support

1. First related detail

2. Second related detail

to. Additional information about this detail

b. More information…