definition of somatic

The term somatic is an adjective of a qualifying type that serves to designate those ailments or sensations that are merely physical and that are expressed clearly and visibly in some part of the body. The idea of ​​somatic comes from the concept of soma, which represents the total set of cells or parts that make up a living body or organism. Thus, when something is somatic, it is something that is directly related to the body or the organism.

The notion of somatic is used to mark or designate those bodily or organic expressions that appear in an obvious way or not. Somatic marks are understood as one of the ways that the body has to show the mood or emotional state when the individual does not express his feelings and sensations in a rational way. This means that when a person is stressed, anguished, worried, happy or tired among many other sensations, they may not consciously show it, but the body is responsible for making it clear through those somatic or bodily marks.

Somatic marks obviously depend on each person and the common ailments that they present. However, in general, the somatic is always present more frequently at the level, for example, of the skin, muscle or spinal pain (from its incorrect position), hair loss, fatigue or stress, reluctance, mouth sores or pain, etc. All these somatic marks can appear immediately or after an extended time that the person is suffering or grieving.

In some cases, somatic marks can become chronic and that is when the person may tend to recognize them: they know that if they develop blisters on their skin or if their hair falls a lot, it is for a certain emotional or psychic reason that they cannot handle properly. conscious way.