pattern definition

According to the context in which it is used, the term pattern will refer to various issues ...

In general terms, by pattern refers to that object or substance that will be used as a sample to measure some magnitude or to replicate it, in the case that this situation is sought..

On the other hand and In a religious context, the patron will be called that protector, saint, virgin or Christ who exercises the function of head of a town, of a congregation, among other spaces.

What's more, employer is usually called the owner of the house or pension in which someone is staying, being in the field, the field in which this conception of the term shows a special and recurrent use, since in this way, for example, workers in a field or a farm, the laborers, usually call this way: patron , to the owner and master of the farm in which they carry out their work. That is to say, beyond these particular cases that we mentioned that although they are the most representative and common, the bosses are usually referred to as bosses.

On the other hand, and at the behest of the economy, the unit that will be taken as a reference for the evaluation of the currency in a given monetary system is called the standard..

And in another of the situations in which this term is used the most is when, for example you want to account for the similarity of behavior that exists between one person and another, preferably in those who share a blood bond, such as father and son, mother and son. Commonly, when a case of this type is noticed, it is usually said Juan and María are cut by the same pattern.