definition of human development

What is human development? Elements that express it

The concept of human development designates the acquisition, by individuals, organizations and communities, of the ability to participate effectively in the construction of a world civilization that is both spiritually and economically prosperous..

The progress that is glimpsed in a certain community in matters such as social, political, economic and cultural, among other aspects, is usually called in terms of human development.

This human development will consist in that, through freedom and the formation of human capacities, the range of possibilities and situations of people can be expanded.

We all want to develop in a compliant way, however it is vital to be able to prepare effectively to do so through education, but it is also vital to have an immediate context that seeks to do so, providing us with economic possibilities as well as health.

For this reason, education turns out to be the main engine when a community can conscientiously and properly direct its development. According to psychology, human development will come through a series of integrations, which will include integration or synthesis processes, in which the mind will begin to control the organism and take over the situation and the decisions.

Then, once education is a fact, people will be able and will have the ability to choose the best development process, which will be the one that will allow them to maximize their quality of life.

A person who is clear about what he wants in life and who also has the educational tools to achieve it, hardly does not achieve it successfully.

The society that guarantees human development

An issue that cannot be ignored in human development is the contribution that should be made by society in general, that is, we already emphasize the relevance that individual position has in this sense, but the value that in this sense cannot be underestimated or minimized. human development will also have society

Because it is precisely this who must improve the conditions in which citizens live, with regard to the coverage of basic needs as well as the molding of an environment that guarantees respect for the rights of those who make it up.

It is absolutely proven that if society does not promote a state of affairs like the one just outlined, it can hardly occur according to the development of its members.

Measurement of Human Development

The human development of a given community can be measured and known thanks to the efforts made in this regard by the United Nations.

There is a special program of the organization that is dedicated especially to the study of human development and is formally known as the United Nations Development Program.

The human development index is the statistical indicator produced by this program and, as we said, exposes the state of human development in it. For its elaboration, issues such as life expectancy from birth, the educational level reached by the mature population and the material possibilities that can be known through the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure are considered.