definition of teacher

The term teacher designates a person who is professionally dedicated to teaching something.

That is, the teacher, also known as a teacher or teacher, depending on where they are in the Spanish-speaking world, is in charge of teaching other individuals who just want to learn about the subject, art or science that the teacher masters. Individuals who learn are popularly known as students and this passage of knowledge from the teacher to his students usually occurs in a space specially designed for this purpose, an educational institution.

Acquisition and development of pedagogical skills

. To display the profession of teacher turns out to be a condition without equanom possess pedagogical skills which are the ones that will effectively empower the teacher to carry out such a task, because necessarily any educational process will imply and supposes a socio-cultural phenomenon, in addition to being a specifically human activity.

It is precisely for this purpose that teachers receive pedagogical training that adds to that already achieved in the subject or discipline that they will be in charge of instructing.

There are many university degrees, for example the degree in communication or journalism, which enable those who graduate to teach about the subject of communication at different educational levels. Meanwhile, most programs require the graduate or graduate to undergo a separate and special training, known as the pedagogical cycle, so that they can effectively become a teacher of this subject.

It should be noted that teachers can work at the different educational levels that exist, such as initial level, secondary level and university level, among others..

While, World Teachers' Day is celebrated every year on October 5.

Knowing how to adapt to contexts, the key to teaching

Then, the starting point of the teaching profession will be teaching, delivering maximum dedication and skills in order to achieve this objective in the best possible way, that is, by this we mean that the teacher must analyze the context in which It is up to him to develop his teaching task and once he has formed a complete idea about what that is like and the needs, design the best plan to achieve it, for example, using resources and tools that attract students and not those that certainly tend to push them away.

In circumstances of a context of deprivation, that is, when a teacher teaches in a school attended by low-income students, it will be necessary so that the teacher does not fail in his objective, that he also attend to this social origin, generally, full of deficiencies, discrimination, violence, among other issues, in order to be able to perform their task satisfactorily.

Because if students in a situation like the one described feel even more mistreated by whoever teaches them and who, in the end, should exercise an exemplary role, unfortunately, those students will close down and complicate the teacher's activity and on his side. Lastly, the lack of pedagogical skills that we mentioned before are really necessary and mandatory to carry out that role will be in very clear evidence.

Also, even when the socio-cultural context from which the students come is more or less even and is not flawed as the one previously described, it will also be essential that the teacher display a behavior and a close attitude towards their students in order to achieve effectively transmit the teachings to them, because although the extreme of being a close friend of the students is not good either, when there is anger or dislike towards a teacher, especially when it comes to compulsory education, the learning process will be very complicated on the one hand and on the other the teaching.

Other uses of the term

It should also be noted that the term teacher is often used a lot in our language to name or call that person who knows a lot about a subject or topic and by case, even if they do not have a title that qualifies them as a teacher, anyway, it is recognized as such and is called upon whenever it is necessary to obtain precise knowledge on the subject.

Even beyond what is strictly academic it is used, that is, when someone knows a lot about football they are called a teacher.