definition of social context

Anyone grows in a environment determined. He grows up in a specific family, lives in a specific city, interacts with certain friends and moves in a circle of relationships that is known as the social context with which an individual interacts immediately. While it is true that there is no influence by way of cause and effect, it is true that no human being can be oblivious to the circumstances in which they have lived because all experiences influence us from the cradle. In other words, it is not the same to grow up in an unstructured family than in a happy home in which parents protect their children.

Similarly, terms The economic benefits of a family also influence the level of well-being because to have a full development, the basic needs have to be covered. Hence, the employment situation, which is also framed in the social context, directly influences the way of being.

Sensitivity in the adolescent stage

The influence of Social context It is also very noticeable in adolescence, a stage of life in which the adolescent is very vulnerable to the companies he has. In this way, in the face of bad influences, they can allow themselves to be conditioned by peer pressure. One of the great concerns of any parent is who their child relates to.

A matter of appearances and own conditioning

The influence that the social context has on the individual happiness of a person is shown in the number of people who live conditioned by the fear of what others will say, something that is even more palpable in the small towns where most people know each other. Similarly, negative reviews are also hard to take. There are people who give great weight to image and social appearance because they want to keep a certain position before others.

In life, it is important to find a balance between living with others and spending time with yourself. But it is always essential that you give more value to what you think about yourself than what others think. Reversing the order of values ​​can have consequences as serious as living a life that does not correspond to you for the simple fact of pleasing others. Live your own way and search within yourself what is the truth.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel better

Similarly, surround yourself with friends and of people who help you grow and improve. Stay away from toxic companies.