performance definition

Utility that yields something or someone

In a broad sense, the word performance refers to the product or utility that a person or thing yields or gives. Putting it somewhat in mathematical terms, the performance would be the ratio between the result that is obtained and the means that were used to achieve the same.

Meanwhile, according to the use given to the word, it may refer to various issues.

Tiredness versus excellent physical condition

For example, applied the term to a person, that is, When talking about the performance of this or that, it will be referring to fatigue, lack of strength, or failing that, the excellent state that the individual in question presents, after carrying out a certain task, activity.

Normally, people, in the jobs or in the studies that we undertake, our performance is especially observed because it will precisely depend on whether the company in which we develop achieves its proposed objectives, or failing that we can spend the year, from degree or graduate, respectively.

Our bosses and teachers are then aware of our performance, and why not say so, so are we, and when we see that due to some situation the performance is not as expected, we try to incorporate resources or do something concrete to improve it and thus achieve good results in our work or student activities.

Sports performance

Sport deserves a separate paragraph, an area that is also very, very aware of the performance of athletes and athletes of all disciplines, because of course, the victory or the tremendous defeat that nobody wants to have depends on it.

To achieve good physical performance in competition, athletes must follow adequate and personalized training, which is normally designed by specialists in physical preparation. The diet they eat is also very relevant since it will depend on having healthy and strong muscles and joints.

When some of these issues fail, it is normal to speak of poor performance on the part of the athlete.

On the other hand, bad habits, going to bed very late at night, a situation that causes them not to rest properly, drug abuse and not following the training routine, are the most common causes why an athlete has a low o poor performance on your team or practice.

The importance of performance in the business world

Secondly, When the term is applied within the world of business and companies, it will refer to the result obtained by each of the units present that develops an activity, whether it is a person, an office, an area, a department, among others.

In this area, the performance of each piece mentioned is essential because the success or failure of the business in question will directly depend on it. For this reason, companies intend to choose the best professionals for each position, because in this way they guarantee the expected performance.

Agricultural production

In the meantime, in the context of agriculture, the performance will represent the production obtained according to a certain surface. Generally, to measure it, the ton per hectare (Tm / Ha) is used as a reference measure. Meanwhile, good performance will depend on and be closely related to the quality of the land in which it is cultivated or due to intensive exploitation, although of course, this must be measured with calipers as well, because mechanization guarantees one hundred percent speed and productivity, not performance.

In technology and physics: the efficiency of a device

Too, in Physics and in everything inherent to technology, we can find the term, which refers something like this like the efficiency of a device, that is to say, when the word performance is expressed within the framework of this context, it will undoubtedly be talking about the effectiveness or not of the type of device in question.

In this sense, then, it will be the quotient between the energy obtained from its operation and that used in the process.

From this follows the close link that exists between the terms of performance and effectiveness

Already Instances of Chemistry, the yield will be the amount of product in a chemical reaction.

Association with efficiency and effectiveness

It is important that we indicate that the concept at hand is closely related to concepts such as efficiency and effectiveness. The first is the ability to achieve a good result using the least amount of resources, while the second involves the ability to achieve the desired effect.