definition of flow chart

A flow chart is a schematic way of representing ideas and concepts in relationship. Often used to specify algorithms graphically.

Flowcharts are known as those representative graphics that are used to outline concepts related to programming, economics, technical and / or technological processes, psychology, education and almost any subject of analysis.

Flowcharts are many and diverse and can address many different topics in very different ways. In any case, the common aspect between them is the presence of a link between the concepts enunciated and an interrelation between the ideas. Commonly, this type of diagram is used to detail the process of an algorithm and, thus, uses different symbols to represent the trajectory of precise operations through arrows. Whenever there is a flow diagram, there is a process or system that aims to be depicted through visual symbols that, instead of verbal terms, simplify the operation of said process and make it clearer and more evident to the reader.

For the flowchart to make sense as such, there must be a path to a solution that starts from a single beginning and ends at a single end point. In order to develop a diagram of these characteristics, it is recommended to define the purpose and recipient of the graph, identify the main ideas, determine the limits and scope of the process to be detailed, establish the required level of detail, identify actions, processes and sub-processes, construct the diagram and finally title it exactly. It is a good idea to review the diagram to verify that it meets your objective clearly and precisely.

The most commonly used symbols in flowcharts are the arrow (indicating direction and trajectory), the rectangle (represents an event or process), the rhombus (a condition), the circle (a connection point) and others.

In addition, there are various types of diagrams. The vertical, wherein the sequence or flow is top-down; the horizontal, from left to right; the panoramic, It can be seen at once and both vertically and horizontally; the architectural, describes a route on an architectural plan of work.

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