definition of humanization

The concept of humanization is a very complex concept that comes from the social sciences and that makes direct reference to the phenomenon by which an inanimate object, an animal or even a person acquires certain traits that are considered human and that they did not possess before. It is important to note that the term humanization accounts for a process that is carried out for a certain time and that has as its purpose the conversion of the subject or object in question into something more similar to what is normally understood by human being.

Before we can talk about what we understand by humanization, we must make it clear what we understand by being human. In this sense, the concept refers to a being who, unlike other living beings, has managed to develop conscious and manageable feelings, among which solidarity, love for others, empathy, commitment to certain causes stand out, etc. Although the human being also has many negative elements in his essence, all these mentioned characters are exclusive to him and neither animals nor plants can consciously and rationally develop them.

This is why when we speak of humanization we are referring to the process by which typical human traits are acquired. The complexity of this concept is that it generally applies to human beings themselves and not so much to other elements such as animals. This occurs in cases in which a person who maintained unhuman traits (such as envy, hatred, anger) was putting them aside to become someone more worthy of being called human.

In another sense of things, the term humanization can also be present in certain artistic fields when elements such as objects, animals, plants are unrealistically represented and they are given human personality traits or physical traits such as an upright posture. , language, etc.

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