definition of empathize

We understand by empathizing that act by which one person feels empathy for another. Empathy can be described as a feeling that makes someone feel the same as another person despite not going through the same situation; Empathy allows someone to feel close to the pain or suffering of another person because they are fond of them, or simply because of a matter of ethics and human emotion that makes even one feel distressed when seeing another person suffer.

When we talk about empathy or the act of empathizing, we are referring to a very common situation that every human being has ever felt and that can feel about another human being as well as, for example, an animal. Empathy is one of the most important characteristics of the human being because through it two unique elements are combined that are usually separated: reason and feeling. This is so since in order to feel empathy one obviously needs emotion and feeling, sensitivity, but on the other hand, one also needs to be aware and understand at a logical level that the other person is suffering or going through a situation of pain. This possibility of becoming aware of what the other suffers is what allows us in a natural way to understand or at least get closer to their pain.

As with everything, there are cases in which people are not able to feel empathy and this has to do with education or the way they have been raised. Usually, a person who does not feel empathy can be described as an extremely rational, hard and cold person to whom the feelings of others do not make him any kind of attraction. However, empathy is a natural and spontaneous element of the human being, for which those people who do not feel it must have gone through conflictive situations in which they did not receive empathy before their people. For many specialists, not being able to empathize with another also speaks of a very narcissistic personality that makes the individual unable to stop thinking about himself and never put himself in the place of the other or bring his feelings or emotionality closer to that of the person that suffers.

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