what is inorganic garbage »definition and concept

The trash is composed of all those Waste resulting from the products and materials that we use in our daily activities, while when they no longer provide that usefulness, they are discarded by throwing them in a container specially designed for that purpose..

But it should be noted that not everything we call garbage has the same origin and for this reason it is that there is a classification of it that is closely linked to the impact it can have on direct contact with living beings and the environment. environment.

For instance, inorganic garbage, which is the one that will occupy us, it will be everything that waste that does not have a biological origin, that is, it does not come from a living organism directly but comes from the industrial environment or is the result of some non-natural process. Industrial-type products such as bottles, plastics, among others, are an example of this type of garbage.

Likewise, this group of wastes includes those discarded sanitary materials. Thus, all the elements that are used in hospitals or health care centers such as: cottons, bandages, gauze, needlesAmong the most recurrent, they are considered inorganic waste.

And then, like the rest of this type of garbage, they must be carefully evacuated, in closed bags, separated from, for example, the organic trash and if possible with an identifying legend to avoid its future manipulation and consequently its indiscriminate dissemination, which in many cases turns out to be highly dangerous due to contamination and the health risk that it entails.

The essential characteristic and what makes it a type of waste of care, is that inorganic waste does not degrade from natural means and takes a very long time to do so.

It is very important that people become aware of the importance of classifying garbage not only to prevent dangerous garbage from affecting our quality of life, but also to recycle garbage that can be reused for its raw materials, such is the case of organic waste (comes from living organisms).

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