definition of understanding

The of the understanding is undoubtedly one of the most important capacities that human beings have because it is through it that we can know and understand those things that surround us and the situations that arise in our lives.

Rather, it is an intellectual skill that not only involves understanding words or phrases but also involves correctly grasping the meaning of, for example, a text.

Then, whoever has and develops this capacity in a manner that is consistent, will be able to understand without problems everything that is presented to them.

Meanwhile, it will be our brain that will carry out a series of actions that will predispose us to understanding the messages that are addressed to us.

In the learning process that all people ever go through, at school, at university, or in any other educational space, understanding turns out to be an essential and very relevant issue when it comes to successfully capturing all the knowledge that are given to us.

Reading, for example, is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, but it will only be accessible if we understand it properly..

Formally it is called reading comprehension and it consists of developing meanings from the most relevant concepts that were obtained from a text and their subsequent association with concepts that were already internalized.

Not all people take the trouble to read a text and understand it, many times they learn it by heart without stopping at each appreciation and this will obviously make it difficult to understand. And not to mention the possibility of remembering it in the long term, practically impossible to do so if it is learned by heart without the intervention of reading comprehension.

If, at the initial and secondary educational levels, the focus was placed on the relevance of the comprehension of the texts, the students would not only understand the topics and subjects better, but also the knowledge would persist.

In some cases the apathy that the student sometimes shows can be adduced but there is also a responsibility of those who develop the programs that impose really dense and unattractive readings for the students.

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