definition of life plan

Life in society can be analyzed from all kinds of approaches. Economics, history or medicine deal with partial aspects that affect people (wealth, events and health). There are many points of view that are useful to know life from a human perspective. However, each person has in one way or another a vital project, a life plan. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all have a project in mind for our life.

There is general agreement on the three most important factors in the life of each of us: health, money and love. It would not make much sense to have a life plan that did not include some of these aspects.

A life plan is a mental scheme of how we want our existence to go by. It is not about making a detailed list of everything we want to achieve in the future, but it is a simple outline in relation to what we consider most important. The three elements already mentioned are three pillars to build a good plan. To have good health it is necessary to incorporate healthy habits (correct diet and physical exercise). To have enough money to allow us to live with comfort and well-being, it is necessary to work in an activity and, to the best of our ability, it is worth it to be pleasant and rewarding. Finally, as we share life with other people, it is desirable that we foster emotional ties and that there is love in our intimate life.

When we ask young children what they want to be when they grow up, we are asking them in some way about their life plan. If a child says he wants to be a firefighter, he will have to implement a series of strategies to achieve it.

Each life plan is individual and no two plans are exactly the same. There are people who elaborate it giving importance to the work field, others value the affective life more and some are interested in material aspects. Normally, there is a balance between all of them. It may also happen that there is no concrete life plan. This is what is defended by those who affirm that the important thing is to live the present intensely, without making plans for the future. Something like this affirmed Machado in

in a verse when he said that the path is made by walking.

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