definition of drag queen

In show business, there are male artists who perform in women's clothing and makeup. These artists are given a designation, Drag Queen.

The Drag Queen does not represent a woman with normal characteristics, since her clothing and appearance is very exaggerated; with large platforms, a striking wig, a provocative dress and, in short, a very impressive staging. In this way, the viewer sees the performance of a man who sings and dances with the look and style of an explosive woman. This contrast is the genuine element that characterizes the so-called "Queens of the Night".

The question of sexual identity

In relation to sexual identity there is no single profile of Drag Queen. Many of them are straight men who create a female character for the purpose of presenting a fun and original show. In some cases, it is a transvestite or a transsexual. In any case, do not think that the Drag Queen necessarily has a certain sexual orientation, so it can be gay, bisexual or heterosexual.

A Drag Queen is not simply a man in disguise

Although the Drag Queen is basically a man disguised as a woman who performs a show to entertain the public, these types of characters are associated with different issues:

1) the costume has a transgressive component and, in fact, the Drag Queen perform in most carnival parties (carnival takes place before Lent and is a period in which certain taboos disappear),

2) from the point of view of sexuality the Drag Queen is related to fetishism, bisexuality and hidden desires,

3) behind a performance by a Drag Queen there are a whole series of ideas: fantasy, provocation, ambiguity ...

4) these types of characters remind us that the identity of the human being is complex, since we are what we project onto others and, at the same time, what we would like to be.

Women who become men

The woman who adopts a male disguise to entertain the public is known as the Drag King. Their performances have the same ingredients as the Drag Queen, but in the opposite version. The Drag King tries to parody certain male archetypes and, in this sense, its performance has a component of social criticism and provocation. Both they and they sometimes face certain moral prejudices of a sector of society.

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