calculation definition

Calculus can be called all those operations (mostly mathematical) that have as their objective the scope of certain data or information and that require the development of a process prior to obtaining that result. Calculus is the action of calculating and although it is generally related to mathematical and scientific operations, the term can also be used for many other meanings in which the notions of foreseeing and projecting are present.

The action of calculating can, then, not to be related to mathematics but to the need to take into account certain variables and project a possible result or calculation in relation to the information they provide.

Calculus is, within the area of ​​mathematics and many sciences in general, one of the basic and simplest operations that, depending on the circumstances or the elements to be analyzed, can become extremely complex. The simplest and most fundamental calculations are those that have to do with operations such as addition or subtraction, division or multiplication of elements, but without a doubt the various sciences offer calculation systems based on such operations that are much more complex and really inaccessible to those. who do not specialize in such activity.

Regardless of whether it is used for scientific aspects or within the common language of any individual, the notion of calculation always implies the development of a logical reasoning procedure that allows reaching the final information from the analysis of certain variables. So much so that a calculation can be the sum of two or more elements quantitatively, but it can also be the calculation of the future climate, the calculation of an individual's response to a certain situation and many other examples not necessarily related to mathematical science. . In this sense, the calculation always implies then a more or less elaborate line of thought that will be responsible for obtaining the final information and that is based on the study and analysis of the data that are already available in advance.

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