definition of waifu

Anime and manga are a type of Japanese comics that have a worldwide following. The drawing style of both genders is very precise and unique and the characters are presented with a strong personality. In the anime and manga world a waifu is a female character. The word waifu is equivalent to wife, as it is a modification of the word wife in English.

Anime and manga fans have a special connection to their favorite characters

An otaku is a fan of this type of comics and if an otaku says that a female character is his wiafu he is expressing an emotional connection between him and said character. Somehow, he falls in love with a wiafu because he experiences an attraction to her, be it because of her physical appearance, her personality, or for other reasons.

Sometimes this type of feelings projected on fictional characters can reach fanaticism. In fact, there are young people who have become so obsessed with their waifu that they have committed suicide.

Every year new female characters appear and some become the waifus of the otakus. If we take as a reference the case of the waifu Asuna created by the Japanese manga Reki Kawahara, it is a young woman with long brown and orange hair, with expressive dark eyes, who wears a red and white uniform, uses a sword called Luz Lambent and has a helpful character.

Unreal husbands and wives

The male version of a waifu is a husbando, a word that is formed from husband or husband in English. The issue of virtual wives and husbands may initially attract attention. However, it is not something as strange as it seems at first glance.

First of all, waifus and husbandos pique interest among teenagers. As is already known, in adolescence, feelings and emotions are experienced in a very intense way.

On the other hand, falling in love with a fictional character is not a rarity or a pathology, since in the history of literature many male and female characters have become the object of desire for readers.

Thus, someone can fall in love with Doña Inés by José Zorrilla, with Jean Eyre by Charlotte Brontë or with Christian Gray, the famous character in the novel "Fifty Shades of Gray" by E. L James (in recent years many adult women from all the world have fantasized about this character from literary fiction and have made him their ideal partner).

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