definition of sensation

Impression that something causes to our senses

According to the use that is given to it, the word sensation will have different meanings.

First of all, sensation is called the impression that a thing produces through the senses, that is, it is the immediate response that the sensory organs give to the reception of a stimulus. By sensory organs we mean the eyes, ears, sight, nose, mouth, and skin.

The sensation implies a process in which it is our nervous system and the pertinent sensory receptors that are in charge of representing the energy received by the stimuli. The brain processes information and that is precisely the sensation, the processing that comes from some of the senses.

Then, the organism manages to interpret the information coming from the aforementioned senses thanks to perception, as the psychic function is designated, which represents the first step in the cognitive process, because perception will process the aforementioned information in the first instance and thus achieve form the idea of ​​the object.

Therefore, as confusion and doubts arise recurrently in this regard, it is worth clarifying and highlighting how both concepts, sensation and perception, differ; The sensation is in charge of giving an immediate response to the sense organs in the face of the stimulus it receives from them, and for its part, the perception will be the interpretation of the aforementioned sensations by attributing not only meaning to them but also organizing them..

An example will help to understand the question ... when we listen to one of the musicians doing a guitar solo in a concert, the characteristics of the tones and volume will be simply sensations, while at a certain moment the recognition that that solo occurs belongs to a musical theme of the group, at that moment, the perceptual process takes place.

Surprise effect that causes us something

On the other hand, when you want to give an account of the surprise effect that a question raised, you speak in terms of sensation. "My dress really was the sensation of the party, there was not a guest who did not ask me where I got it."

Normally those extraordinary issues, out of the ordinary, when they are appreciated before a large public, tend to awaken a sensation of sensations and become the focus of attention, for example in a meeting.


To the feeling or intuition that a certain issue or event will occur is called a feeling. "I have the firm feeling that this afternoon Maria will come to visit us."

It is a very human characteristic and therefore very present in people to suddenly have a clear perception of something, an idea, a situation that will occur, among others, and without reasoning to have it.

Women are commonly referred to as the queens of intuitions and perceptions and that is why we can usually anticipate something that will happen, manifest it clearly and in time it happens.

Thermal sensation: reaction of the body to internal and external conditions

On the other hand, the term is used to designate a very popular concept at the behest of meteorology, such is the case of thermal sensation.

The thermal sensation consists of the reaction that the human body presents to a series of conditions, factors, present in the environment and that will determine the climate from the thermal aspect. Normally it is said that it is cold or hot depending on what the thermometer that measures the temperature indicates, however, not only does the temperature of the environment mark the sensation of our body but other issues that will increase or decrease that sensation, such is the case of dry temperature, humidity, air speed.

And we cannot ignore the personal issues of each individual that will also influence the thermal sensation such as: the metabolic index that generates heat in the body, or the body temperature index that the clothing that is wearing provides.

The mass media, especially in summer and winter seasons where temperatures are more extreme, usually accompany the information on the environmental temperature with that of the thermal sensation, because it is precisely this last index that will most clearly express the temperature that is feel in the street, where all the conditions mentioned are present and interacting.

Even more relevance is given to the data of the thermal sensation because it is clearly the temperature that our body will feel.