what is thinking »definition and concept

The word to think It is a term that is closely linked to intellectual activity, as we usually use it in our language to express various issues.

To the formation and relationship of various ideas that pass through our minds we call it thinking. We have to think about how we will get there.

Also the word think implies the action of examining through our reason some idea or behavior and then making a decision or a resolution regarding the subject analyzed. The action of thinking almost always comes with the resolution of some problem. I will think if I accept your job proposal.

On the other hand, the word think implies the have an opinion on an issue or its expression. I think that Carlos is not right and we should not advance in the reform of the stadium now.

Another common use of the word allows to express that situation of an individual who intends to carry out some action or project. Next year we plan to spend the holidays in New York.

In addition, when a person uses his intelligence and it results in an outstanding idea or the method to specify an activity in a simpler way it is expressed in terms of thinking. Juan thought for years how to solve the problem of lack of water pressure and came up with an idea that allowed him to solve it.

Meanwhile, in colloquial language it is frequent that we mention the word think when we want to indicate that we have done something involuntarily, that is, without the clear intention of doing itor. I apologize, my anxiety did not let me think that with my behavior I was hurting you.

It should be noted that the word in question is closely linked to another concept, that of thought, which precisely refers to the action of thinking and its effect.

Thought is everything what our mind produces and that comes true thanks to the intellectThis includes both rational activity and imaginations.

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