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Economic violence is a form of control and manipulation that can occur in the couple's relationship and that is shown through the lack of freedom that the aggressor offers the victim in making the necessary expenses to cover their needs. The victim must give constant justification of what he has done, where he has spent the money and also, he does not have the budget with the freedom he deserves.

To the point that even in the case of those women who work but suffer economic violence, they must give their salary every month to their partner and he is the one who manages the money. From this point of view, the economy becomes a form of violence because of the suffering that comes from constantly depending on someone who turns money into a form of alms. The aggressor gives the victim a counted amount to do daily tasks such as the shopping basket. And he complains if he has been delayed for a long time in doing this type of procedure.

Control and manipulation

Economic violence is a form of machismo that limits the victim to the level of survival (also emotional). A way of exploiting money in which the aggressor seeks his own benefit at the expense of the victim's own well-being.

There are also other possible symptoms of economic violence, for example, the man who exercises it does not value the work that his partner does as a housewife in the event that she is the one who fully assumes these responsibilities, underestimates her role and does not allow her to project herself at a professional level.

On the other hand, when both work, it is also possible that some type of economic violence occurs if he earns a higher salary and therefore shows some type of superiority towards the victim.

Damage to self

Economic violence affects the victim's self-esteem since as a consequence of this lack of access to economic resources, they do not have the freedom to carry out many of the plans that they would like to carry out.

It should be pointed out that although it is more common for this form of control to be exercised by men, it can also be carried out by a woman. It is also possible to threaten the victim with kicking him out of the house without any financial support.

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