definition of procedures

The term procedures corresponds to the plural of the word procedure, while a procedure is the way of proceeding or the method that is implemented to carry out certain things, tasks or carry out certain actions.

Basically, the procedure consists of following a series of well-defined steps that will allow and facilitate the performance of a job in the most correct and successful way possible. Because it is precisely one of the objectives of following a procedure, guaranteeing the success of the action that is carried out and even more so when there are several people and entities that participate in it, which will require the observation of a series of well-organized stadiums.

Meanwhile, according to the area in which the term procedure is applied, we will find various references to it.

Judicial procedement

Because, for example, at the request of the law, a procedure implies action through judicial or administrative procedures. The judicial procedure It is the way through which the jurisdictional activity is carried out and following the rules of development of the process, that is, the judicial procedure is composed of the combination and coordination of various legal acts that have procedural autonomy and whose final objective will be the production of the final legal effect of the process.

Normally when a situation requires the intervention of justice, this type of procedure will be developed. Thus, if we were scammed by a travel company, which charged us for tickets and stays but did not effectively provide us with the service, we can initiate legal proceedings to obtain compensation for the breach incurred.

When a norm or law is violated, this procedure may be carried out, the final mission of which is to do justice.

Administrative procedure and procedures manual

On the other hand and with regard to administrative action, it will be called administrative Procedure to the series of acts that will be put into practice to specify the administrative action in question and that will have as its objective the realization of some purpose inherent to its activity, which is formally called an administrative act. Public order entities are the ones that usually carry out this type of procedure.

The state develops these procedures with the intention that all citizens can, for example, complain to a body for any circumstance that they consider is not being met, or failing that, to record any procedure. Of the administrative procedure there will always be a record that the citizen will be able to access whenever he wishes. It will also be a guarantee that the procedure was carried out in accordance with the stipulated rules.

Generally, the administrative units, one, two, or more of these, use what is called a procedure manual, which will be the document in which the description of the activities that must be carried out in the concretion will be recorded and contained. of the functions of the aforementioned administrative units.

The procedures manual It is a vitally important tool, since it will allow not only to know the internal functioning of an administrative unit with regard to description of tasks, location, requirements and execution positions, but will also help in the training and training of personnel, being an inexhaustible source of consultation and will also be very useful when reviewing and analyzing the procedures of a system. Because, for example, when an audit is carried out in the unit, the procedure manual can be consulted where sensitive information will be found, such is the case of the knowledge of employees and managers regarding whether their activities are carried out in accordance with what is stipulated in the aforementioned manual.

The term in the field of computer science

Likewise, in the field of computing, the concept of procedure is frequently used in the notion that is called as effective procedure, which is that deterministic and repeatable sequence of steps and that will imply that for the same sets of output values, the same sets of input values ​​will always be obtained.

Likewise, the concept of procedure will allow a subroutine or subprogram to be named that way. This will present a sub-algorithm that is part of the main sub-algorithm, through which, in addition, a specific task can be solved.

As we can see, always, regardless of the field in which the procedure is used, it will consist of a series of steps or method that will allow the execution of a task or activity.

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