definition of status

Status is the position, the social and economic scale to which an individual belongs within a community, a fact that will be determined by the economic situation they have, the work or professional activity they display and the prestige they have gained in their life for some situation X, for example, for being a talented pianist, or for being a great activist in favor of the fight for human rights, among others.

Social situation that a person occupies in a society as a result of their income or the professional activity that they carry out

Social status indicates the social position that an individual x occupies within a society or a social group.

The position that each of us occupy in a society will depend on various issues that interact with each other, such is the case of race, cultural, and economic contingencies, among the most common.

Now, we must clarify that status is not always in relation to prestige but is associated mostly with the economic issue, for example a person who is rich because he traffics drugs will occupy a high status but will not be recognized by his community, much less in social matters.

Meanwhile, the poor have a low status but it may be that they hold great prestige in society because it may be a person who with his work as a writer has garnered great achievements and recognition.

But of course, this does not place it economically in a preferential place.

The statuses are normally attributed by people based on the issues stated, it is not a person who is assumed in this or that status.

Status classes

Meanwhile, social status has four types: assigned or assigned status (It is the one that results from previous social factors, such is the case of race, gender, age, life cycle, class, caste, among others), acquired status (It results from the assignment to an individual based on merit, prestige or actions, such is the case of actors, musicians, scientists and also a father, a mother, the boss, that is, the positions that the individual acquires as throughout their life and do not come from birth; this type is determined by society and is variable over time), target status (assigned by society, the particular group or the culture of the individual in question and is acquired by meeting some of the criteria that have determined it: wealth, occupation, physical characteristics, among others) and subjective status (The one that the individual believes he possesses and that does not result from a specific social or cultural approval).

A good status, a goal to which we all aspire

Most of the people aspire to have a good status in life because this will imply having a comfortable life and without financial shocks.

Having a job that pays well and that the people around you see that and admire you for having achieved such a state, but hey, that situation cannot always occur and that is where situations of envy can arise for those who did achieve all those things. , and on the other hand feelings of failure in those people who could not achieve a good status despite their efforts.

Linked to this, it often happens that people who do not have a good status seek to appear so through various resources, but of course, it is not a situation that reflects their reality.

Civil status: single, married, widowed, civilly united ...

And on his side, the civil status is the situation of natural persons determined especially by the family relationships that they hold, originating, either from marriage or kinship, and which determines certain duties and rights.

Each nation maintains a public registry with the basic personal data of its citizens, which of course includes civil status.

Meanwhile, the most common civil statuses, although they may differ from one state to another, are: single, married, widowed, divorced, separated, common law union.

It should be noted that there are legal systems that make distinctions in civil status, for example, there are communities that do not accept divorce and there are others that admit an intermediate condition between married and divorced, which is the separate one in fact.

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