analysis definition

An analysis is the act of separating the parts of an element to study its nature, its function and / or its meaning.

An analysis is an effect that includes various types of actions with different characteristics and in different areas, but in sum it is any act that is carried out with the purpose of studying, weighing, evaluating and concluding with respect to an object, person or condition.

There are analyzes of all kinds and when talking about this activity, reference can be made to both a scientific and a social practice, one that has a formal framework and one that occurs informally in everyday life.

For example, for science a Chemical analysis It is one that seeks to investigate the composition of a certain substance or matter in order to elucidate by what elements it is formed and what function each one of them fulfills in said object of study.

The mathematical analysis It is also a scientific practice that has the purpose of inquiring about the mathematical variables present in a given operation and how they are conjugated to lead to a particular solution. The computer scientist deals with reviewing the components and operations present in a computer system.

The stock analysis inquires about the future of a financial stock market and the economies of the world, seeking to understand how various factors affect the variation of a currency and the onset of national or world economic crises. The financial analysis of a company, for example, seeks to establish the state of the internal economy of the institution, making recommendations on future investments, for example.

In communication there is also diversity of analysis. The Speech analysis, one of the best known, aims to study verbal discourses that take place, for example, in political or social settings and, combining linguistic and semiotic disciplines, seeks to determine the impact of each discourse on its audience.

Other typical analyzes are psychological or psychoanalytic, as part of a patient's therapy. It is also common to refer to syntactic analysis of the elements that make up a verbal sentence. And, of course, one of the most frequent analyzes is the doctor, which evaluates the health status of a patient to determine causes or factors influencing a discomfort, disease or condition.

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