definition of identity

is defined as identity to series of characteristics, traits, information, that distinguish or highlight something or someone, be it, a person, a society, an organization, among others, and that also contribute to the confirmation of affirming that it is what is said is.

Set of traits that distinguish something or someone

Applying the concept to people, we will say that someone's identity implies all those characteristics that make them who they are.

Construction of personal identity

It is about the construction of an individual who will make him who he is and not another, for example, what interests him, what he is not, among other issues.

Also part of this construction is the perception that the person in question has of himself, for example, what he is and is not capable of doing in relation to his natural aptitudes and learned knowledge, and the social groups to which he belongs, why he identifies with those and why he rejects those who are not related to his way of being and thinking.

The development of a person's identity always involves a complex process with a certain extension in time.

In childhood we can identify the beginning of it, because the person begins to wonder who they are, what they want, although it will be in adolescence where that search intensifies and the first answers to the aforementioned questions begin to appear. .

In adolescence there is a strong personal self-discovery and it is common for the proposals of adults, for example parents, to be rejected and replaced by those that fit their way of being and the beliefs that they adopt from peers or models .

And identity will finally be consolidated in adulthood, with the maturity that this stage of life proposes to us.

Identity is very important because it makes us strong, determined and committed to what we want, however, it is common for the opposite to exist, the lack of identity, which will make the person highly influenced by the opinions of others and adrift on the matter. of actions.

This situation usually generates that the person depends on what their groups of belonging do and say, and is also very prone to falling into the clutches of destructive groups or people, who only want to add them to their ranks to have one more tool to achieve unaltruistic objectives.

Similar between things or people

On the other hand, identity is used to express the equality or the great resemblance that two things or people observe.

The synonym that we normally use for this sense is that of equality.”

Consciousness that someone has about himself

Likewise, the word identity is used to refer the conscience that an individual has about himself and that then differs from the rest of the people by it.

Someone's identity is made up of inherited and innate traits, but it is also undeniable that experience and the context in which the person operates also have an influence on that identity conformation.

Use in mathematics, culture, social ...

On your side, In mathematics, the identity is that equality that regardless of the value margin of the variables always ends up being true and is true.

It should be noted that identity is a word that is commonly used in various contexts.

In the context of culture it is common to talk about cultural identity, consists of a set of values, traditions, beliefs, symbols and ways of behavior that exist within a social group and that act with the mission that those who belong recognize them as their own, respect them and disseminate them.

In matter sexual it is common to express the concept of sexual identity from which it is designated the sexual course that a person decides to take in life, for example, heterosexual, who is inclined towards people of the same sex, or homosexual, who is sexually interested in people who belong to the same sex.

While, in politics, it is also common to speak of identity, since the political identity called the feeling of belonging that a person presents with respect to some political groups or the sympathy they feel for certain positions adopted by politicians or political parties, because they express their ideas and ideology.

And the National identity is the concept that designates the feeling of correspondence to a community.

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