definition of traffic sign

Traffic signals are those posters that swarm in quantities through streets, routes and roads, among others and that have the purpose of ordering vehicular traffic, the circulation of pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, among others.

They basically contain important information and act as our guide on the streets or routes to indicate how we should behave, from the role we occupy, to circulate through them correctly, safely and avoid any type of road accident that could cost us our lives. us or any other being we come across.

Unfortunately today, traffic accidents that take the lives of pedestrians, motorcyclists, and motorists reach staggering numbers. Negligence, inattention because they are attentive to mobile devices such as cell phones, or simply recklessness, among others, are some of the causes of this scourge and therefore it is essential that the authorities in charge of the area and from the mass media the theme is installed and respect for these signs is spread. This will directly contribute to the fact of having a street, a safer route ...

It is also worth mentioning that traffic signs are universal, that is, they are composed of symbols of a universal nature and do not depend for their understanding on the knowledge of this or that language. Any individual can understand them whether they are circulating in their country or in another.

There are many traffic signs and then for their teaching and knowledge it is that they appear grouped in various categories ...

On one side are the regulatory that can communicate: prohibition, restriction or priority: parking prohibited, vehicle length limitation, exclusive circulation of bicycles, respectively.

Then we meet the signs preventive which are subdivided into extremely dangerous and physical (they indicate some special characteristic of the road or route), for example, railroad crossing and winding road, respectively.

And finally there are the signs informative that inform in the cities destinations, distances or characteristics of the roads, tourist information and information on services.

And although they are not always present because they depend on a specific fact, there are the so-called signals transitory that have the mission of warning about the realization of some construction or maintenance work.

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