definition of community nursing

The concept of community nursing is one that is applied to the type of nursing dedicated to the care and prevention not only of the health of the individual but also of the family and, especially, of the community. Community nursing is an important branch of science since it has to do with the passage and establishment of habits, behaviors and care that not only take care of the health of a person in a specific way, but also involve the maintenance of a community environment safe and healthy for all its members.

Community nursing, as its name implies, deals with health-related issues at the community level. Thus, it is much more comprehensive than individual nursing since it entails benefits for a broader population group. When we speak of community nursing, then we refer to the work that health professionals carry out to ensure that, for example, certain diseases and viruses do not spread in the community, that the hygiene of the habitable areas is maintained, that family health within of the private space is always insured, etc.

In this sense, we can say that community nursing has a lot of pedagogy since it involves a certain teaching and transmission of knowledge to those people who are part of a certain society. Thus, unlike what can happen with other forms of nursing, the community works directly with the community, transmitting information, data, public campaigns, habits and customs that must be taken to obtain more profound and effective results.

In this way, by contributing to raising awareness about the importance of caring for the environment, family health, reproductive health, health habits, community nursing becomes something extremely necessary for a society or society. community to achieve the best possible levels of sanitation and health.

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