definition of performance

The term that concerns us below does not originally belong to our language, but rather it is a term that belongs to the English language but which has managed to take root in our language by dint of its use. It arose basically from the English verb perform, which in Spanish refers to act.

The performance It consists of an artistic show whose main particular features are, on the one hand, the improvisation that dominates the artistic representation and, on the other hand, the emphasis attributed to it on the aesthetic question, that is, in the performances, both the action and the image go hand in hand and put the same intensity in that both are forceful.

As a consequence of these two values, performances tend to awaken a lot of amazement in those who appreciate them.

It should be noted that the origin of this type of cultural artistic manifestation is found in the Vanguard proposed by the movements that spread Futurism, at the beginning of the last century.

That is to say, representatives of this trend in their eagerness to show us that there were other ways of expressing themselves began to use rather unusual and new forms and thus it is that through particular staging, acrobatics, painting samples, among others, they spread their messages, clearly breaking the order of things established in this matter.

Also where performance is characterized by breaking established standards since it is common for them to be carried out in unconventional places and that there do not have a strict link with art, for example the public highway, a shopping center , a square, among so many others.

Even the where and not the content of the performance is often more attractive.

Although today it is practically daily for us to find various artistic manifestations that we could frame in performance, it is important that we mention that when this arose with great force back in the mid-fifties of the last century it was not so common for an artist or a group of artists show their art in the middle of the street. That is why we say that performance in a certain sense imposed a new way of expressing art and culture and also of appreciating it, for those on the other side.

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