definition of dedication

The dedication is he text that appears in a literary work through which the author dedicates the work that is of his creation to one or more people who may be friends, family or any other actor who has helped him in his production and process, providing a revealing testimony, for example,; it is usually arranged on the front of the page that follows the cover.

Brief note that appears in literary works and other means through which the creation is dedicated to or thanked someone

"To my parents, children and friends, for their unconditional support, because without them this would not have been possible." One of the most common examples that you usually see of dedications.

In literary works it can be written in prose or in poetry format, depending on the type of work and the author in question, and it is usually short in content.

Millennial use and the importance they have for both author and reader

The practice of dedication is certainly ancient and for example we can already recognize it in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, two moments in history in which authors, artists, used to be sponsored by a patron or benefactor who helped them financially. to pay for their works.

Then, over time, and even more so in these times, it also began to include those who supported those who were close emotionally in the economic sphere.

Although they occupy a small and brief place within the works, the dedications are important for the reader and the author. For the latter because they allow him to thank whoever he wants and for the reader because they allow him to discover more intimate aspects of the writer, his wishes, his inspirations, those who gave him support in the creative process, who are his most loved ones, among others. That is, they open the heart of the author to the reader and this for fans is always interesting and highly valuable.

Now we must say that the dedication is not the exclusive patrimony of literary works, although it is the context in which they mostly appear, it is also frequent to see dedications in some documents, films or audiovisual programs.

For example, it is a common practice that if an actor dies during the filming of a movie or immediately after and before the premiere of the same, when the time comes for its premiere, a plaque is added to the tape in the which is the name of the deceased artist; usually appears as follows: " in memory of Hedge Ledger"For example, this young actor with a huge future in the film industry died after shooting one of the many adaptations of the movie Batman, in which he played a majestic Joker. As his death occurred before the premiere, the film was dedicated to him in the credits.

They are also intended to congratulate someone on the occurrence of a special date or event in their life.

But on the other hand, we also call that one dedication writing or note that is addressed to a certain person to whom it is offered, whether it is a work of their own or someone else's authorship, or a gift as a consequence of their birthday anniversary, among others.

So, this is another frequent situation in which we find dedications: in birthday gifts or in presents that are given to someone as a result of some special celebration: wedding, fifteenth birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, among others.

In this case, the person giving the gift usually writes a note dedicated to the honoree with greetings and emotional words, which will be attached to the gift in question.

It turns out to be common at the request of the presentation of a book, that its author is summoned in a certain renowned bookstore to dedicate the copies to fans or readers who buy his book.

A very effective promotional and commercial strategy for those who market the work and a possibility for readers to be close to their favorite author and on top of it take a copy of the work signed by him.

Thus, on the page immediately after the cover, the author will dedicate him to this or that of his work.

Many fans often look forward to the signing of dedications from their favorite authors and of course, then, they will treasure the book that contains it, which of course will have another value since it has the signature of its author.

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