definition of waste

The waste are those materials, substances, objects, things, among others, that need to be eliminated because they are no longer useful.

It should be noted that, as we indicated, waste is eliminated due to its uselessness, although, it is recurrent that what for one is a waste and as such must be eliminated, another individual may still consider it useful for their life. For example, an office, a company, or an industry, discards those paper documents that they no longer need, while there are people who rescue said paper from the garbage to resell it to those who recycle it.

Human beings constantly produce waste. At home, when we prepare the food for the day, we discard the excess that is not involved in the preparation, or in any other preparation because it rots. At work we also generate waste related to the activity we carry out there.

The waste, wherever it is produced, is thrown into containers intended for this purpose from where it will be removed by the companies that provide the garbage collection service in the corresponding city, to finally be deposited in areas specially prepared to receive waste, such as they are landfills.

Meanwhile, not all the waste that we throw in the garbage can are the same, on the one hand, there are organic waste, which are those who have a biological origin , because at some point they were in connection with a living being, such is the case of the branches, leaves of the trees and the peels of some fruits. On the other hand, there are inorganic waste, which do not have the aforementioned biological origin and are generally produced by companies and industries: plastics and paints. And finally the toxic wasteAre those that are highly harmful to health, such as poisons, insecticides, among others.

So, waste treatment turns out to be an extremely important issue, especially in large cities, which are those that produce the most waste. If a strict sanitary policy is not maintained around the collection of waste, it may severely affect people's quality of life.

Also, the term waste is used in the common speech of some countries such as synonym of path and shortcut and to name the leaves of the tobacco bud.

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