composition definition

Composing action and effect

In its broadest sense, the word composition refers to the action and result of composingMeanwhile, it presents other more specific references according to the context in which the word is used.

Linguistics: process of forming new words by joining two or more words

At the behest of the linguistics that one will be called composition procedure through which new words will be formed by joining two or more words or particles, for example, prepend, stress, electrocardiogram, otorhinolaryngology.

Chemistry: substances present in samples

On the other hand, in the field of Chemistry, is known as chemical composition to those substances that are present in a certain sample and in the quantities in which they are available.

Artistic creations that demand ingenuity: music, art, literature

In the music, is called as musical composition to art that aims to create musical works. In the case of the cultured European tradition, musical composition will demand the knowledge and study of many other disciplines, such as harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, musical forms, among others. Meanwhile, with respect to jazz or that music that is based more than anything on improvisation, such study and knowledge will not be required, since what will prevail in the composition is improvisation, instantaneity.

For the world of the arts, how to be sculpture, photography, painting, among others, a composition will be the art of distribute the elements of a work. For example, photographic composition refers to the way in which the objects seen within the frame will be arranged.

Also, at writing exercise in which the student develops an x ​​topic it is popularly known as composition; "The language teacher sent us as a homework assignment to make a composition about the holidays."

From what has just been exposed, it can be deduced that in artistic fields such as music, plastic arts and literature, the concept is closely linked to the creativity of the artists who face the process of composition of a work. There are some artists who follow stylistic patterns already established by the current in which they are enrolled and do not move from there and there are others more avant-garde and innovative who bet on the original and the different. But beyond these considerations the composition will involve a creative act.

We must also say with regard to composition that there are many artists who need to isolate themselves from their daily universe to achieve the long-awaited inspiration to help them compose with the strictest creativity. In musicians and painters it is a common fact that they move away from large cities and their close circles to achieve a self-absorption that allows them to achieve creative peace.

Another fundamental element in some composers and artists are the inspiring muses, embodied by real, flesh and blood people, or by ideas, imaginary situations or related by others, and which then unleash creative processes that end in a remarkable composition.

Educational use: to improve the expression and use of the language by the student

Meanwhile, at the educational level, teachers make use of composition to exercise and encourage the student to improve in terms of expression or mastery of a language. For example, in the subjects of language and literature, teachers urge their students to make free compositions, that is, on a topic that they choose, or they impose some topics to develop and thus exercise their written expression, either in the own language or in the learning of another language.

Plan agreed by several people

Another use of the term is that which tells us that the composition is a plan, an agreement signed by multiple people; "The workers have already made a composition of the plan of struggle and there will be no going back on it."

Components of something

Likewise, the set of components of a thing or substance is commonly called a composition; “The composition of an institution”.

Synonym of composure

And finally the word composition is used recurrently in our language as a synonym for composure. Maintaining composure is nothing more than developing a dignified, appropriate and correct behavior, especially in those contexts and areas that demand it.

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