definition of 7 deadly sins

The capitals sins they are those from which other sins are detached. The Seven Deadly Sins are a classification of the vices which were listed in the early teachings of Catholicism and Christianity with the aim of educating the faithful about Christian morality.

Catholic doctrine divides sins into two large groups, venial sin (they are considered minor and are forgiven through the sacraments) and mortal sin (They are extremely serious, since they break the life of grace and threaten eternal damnation unless penance forgives them.).

Meanwhile, the capital sins are seven and follow this order: lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, envy, greed and vanity.

The lust It is the sin caused by the excessive presence of thoughts of a sexual nature, it also supposes possessive thoughts about another person. In its highest degree, it can lead to sociological, sexual compulsions or transgressions.

On your side, gluttony it is identified with gluttony, that is, the excessive consumption of both food and drink, although it can also include other types of self-destructive behaviors. Abuse of certain substances, alcoholism or overeating are examples of this type of sin.

GreedIt is a sin that implies the total orientation of the being towards obtaining material wealth to treasure them and of course it is not part of the plans to share them with others or spend them.

The laziness It involves the inability to accept and take charge of one's own existence.

The wrath It implies an unordered feeling, much less controlled, of hatred and anger, among the main transgressions that this capital sin can cause are murder, assault, discrimination and even genocide.

Envy supposes the desire to obtain what another lawfully possesses.

And finally vanity results from the desire to always try to be more important and attractive than the rest, that is, the overvaluation of one's own Self.

Although the aforementioned remain unperturbed, in 2008, the Court of the Vatican Apostolic Penitentiary presented a list of new capital sins with the denomination of social sin to somehow include the new vices that cause great negative impacts on humanity today, among them are: you will not perform genetic manipulations, you will not carry out experiments on other human beings, including embryos, you will not pollute the environment, you will not cause social injustice, you will not cause poverty, you will not enrich yourself to obscene limits at the expense of the common good, you will not take drugs.

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