definition of agricultural

The term agricultural is an adjective of a qualifying type that is commonly used to name all those things, activities or circumstances that have to do with the activity of cultivating and harvesting raw materials that can then be used by humans as food or with other purposes (such as coat or clothing). The word agricultural comes from the word agriculture, that is, from the culture of cultivating and working the land, one of the most important activities for human subsistence since it allows it not to depend so directly on what nature offers if not to provide himself with his own food.

The Agricultural Revolution (also known as the Neolithic Revolution) is considered one of the most important revolutions or advances of Humanity since it represented the passage of a stage in which the human being consumed only what he obtained through hunting, the gathering or fishing, to another higher stage in which it could slowly begin to produce its own food through sowing and harvesting. Agriculture (and with it everything agricultural) then becomes one of the initial kicks of survival of the human being as a being relatively independent of the environment that surrounds it (relatively because it still depends on it for crops to grow).

The agricultural will then be everything that is related to this primordial activity of the human being not only from its beginning moment, that is, through the preparation of the land for sowing, but also until the moment of harvest, that in which the product or raw material is already ready to be cultivated and consumed or distributed by the human being.

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