definition of transversal

In concrete terms, the word transversal is a qualifying adjective that is used to designate everything that passes through, that cuts something through any of its sections. The idea of ​​transversality comes from the exact sciences, for example in mathematics and geometry, when we speak of a line or a geometric element that intersects another and divides it into various sections or parts. However, in practice, and following this idea, the word transversal is used for very different situations ranging from the arc of the scientific to the arc of the practical that can be observed in everyday life.

In the case of mathematics, the idea of ​​transversal or transversal has to do with that of intersected or divided sets from the crossing of several of them with each other. When two elements do not intersect, they can be parallel since they run in the same direction (for example, two lines). However, as one exists perpendicular to the other, a transversality is generated that refers precisely to the notion of "crossing through" and that can make two lines meet at one point.

Taking this idea as a basis, the notion of transversality can be observed in many areas of life. For example, when we talk about issues related to teaching and pedagogy. In this sense, transversality is the phenomenon by which the same topic or content can be approached by several intersecting subjects, thus achieving a better and more complete use of the subject in question. A clear example of this is when questions related to sexuality can be taken from the biological, psychological, social, etc. point of view.

In geography there is also transversality when we observe that a geographical feature crosses another, for example when a river crosses a mountain range, a city or a field. On the other hand, in politics we can also speak of transversality if we are referring to ideological currents, political parties or projects that unite different points of view and that are not univocal.

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