definition of chemical reaction

The chemical reaction it is that chemical process in which two or more substances, called reactants, by the action of an energy factor, are converted into other substances designated as products. Meanwhile, substances can be chemical elements (matter made up of atoms of the same class) or chemical compounds (substance that results from the union of two or more elements of the periodic table).

The most common example of a chemical reaction is the formation of iron oxide, which results from the reaction of oxygen in the air with iron.

The products obtained from certain reagents will depend on the persistent conditions in the chemical reaction in question, although, although it is a reality that it is argued that the products vary according to the conditions, certain quantities do not undergo any type of modification and therefore they remain constant in any chemical reaction.

Physics recognizes two great models of chemical reactions, acid-base reactions, which do not present modifications in the oxidation states and redox reactions, which, on the contrary, do present modifications in the oxidation states.

Meanwhile, depending on the type of products that result from the reaction to chemical reactions, they are classified as follows: synthesis reaction (simple elements or compounds come together to form a more complex compound), decomposition reaction (the compound breaks down into elements or simpler compounds; a single reactant becomes products), displacement reaction or simple substitution (one element replaces another in a compound) and double displacement or double substitution reaction (The ions of one compound modify places with those of another compound to form two different substances).

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