definition of morning

The word morning is generally used to refer to what is typical of the morning hours or that is linked to them.

For instance, "the abundant morning light is what helps me wake up without a clock in the morning”.

That typical of the mornings or associated with them

The morning, therefore, is the first part of the day which begins with sunrise and ends at twelve noon. It is followed by afternoon and is preceded by dawn. The activities that are carried out during the morning are called morning or morning and among others, the following stand out: going to work, going to school, going out to practice physical activity, having breakfast, taking tests, among the most common.

The activities indicated above may be carried out during other times of the day, in the afternoon or at night, however, we must say that breakfast is a meal that is typical of the morning, that is, it could not be done in another time of day, meanwhile, there are other activities such as work, study, which are more common to do in the morning since it is the time of day when we are supposed to be cooler to do them because we come from the long night's rest.

Now, it is a reality that there are many people who perform night and evening work and therefore rest during the morning, and there are also those who, due to a work issue, must study in the afternoon or evening.

It happens in the morning

So, the word is also used to account for what happens or takes place in the morning.

In educational institutes it is common for there to be a morning shift, that is, one that takes place in the morning, another in the evening, which will start with the beginning of the afternoon, and another at night, that is, at night.

Newspaper or any type of journalistic submission that is issued in the morning

And on the other hand, the word is also used at the request of the field of communication to refer to the newspaper, newspaper or any other type of journalistic publication that is published only in the mornings.

Due to this situation, this type of publication collects the most important and recent information that has been produced, for example, during the early hours of the morning or in the last hours of the previous night. In the case of a journalistic proposal that is broadcast on television or radio very early in the morning, it is also often referred to in the jargon as morning.

A significant number of people like to find out through the morning informative proposals because they allow them to know what is happening in their country and in the world before leaving their home to carry out their activities, even in recent times with how popular and present the information about traffic and weather has become, people, immediately after getting up, turn on the TV, turn on the radio, or read the morning newspaper, either on paper or online, to find out what will bring them the day on these issues.

They are also of course interested in current political, economic and sports news.

Change in customs produced by the boom of new technologies

Until a few decades ago when the boom in electronic media had not yet exploded, people had to wait at home for the newspaper, go looking for it, or find out through the television and radio news, however, Today, you do not need any of that, you just have to turn on the computer or enter a news application via the web, or through social networks to know instantly what is happening.

This new state of affairs of course has made proposals such as the evening information obsolete and has also made many people choose to read the morning newspaper through new technologies.

It is worth noting that the concepts they oppose to the morning are those of evening and night.

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