definition of training

In its most general and wide use training refers to the action and result of training, whereas, by training it means to become skilled, teach or instruct someone on a certain issue, a technique or an activity, among others, with a certain purpose or mission.

Teach someone or an animal about a technique or activity

When there is a person who transmits a teaching and on the other side another individual or an animal that is willing to assimilate it, we will speak of training.

On the other hand, the term is also often used as a synonym for the concepts of guide and directespecially when it comes to a blind person.

Although, it is worth noting that the most regular use observed by the term training is to refer to the act of taming or training an animal.

For example, in the sport of Horse riding training turns out to be an integral and important part of the aforementioned sports discipline, which, in addition, constitutes an Olympic discipline known as dressage. Through conscious and regular training, the rider will ensure that his horse effectively fulfills each of the orders that he is given in a totally harmonious and balanced way.

Another frequent use of the word is to refer to dog training.

Dog training is an activity carried out by millions of people around the world, although it is not done in a systematic way, nor with the objective that the animal is presented to a competition, the training of the dog will allow it to acquire some special skill, such as going to find the newspaper in the morning or simply learning something: not to relieve themselves inside the house but outside, in the garden.

Behave in a polite manner, or be trained to become the safety of the family or a business, the latter is one of the missions most commonly attributed to dogs, especially those with guard characteristics. .

Trained animals as they are capable of developing great skills

Normally, we talk about training horses, dogs and even cats because they are the animals that interact the most with us humans, however, there are many animals that are plausible to train and with good teaching are capable of developing activities in an excellent way Of course, it makes us surprised when we see them.

In the circus with elephants, lions, monkeys, or in the aquarium with dolphins, sea lions, we can appreciate this incredible ability that animals have when it comes to learning skills that can often be believed to be reduced and limited to human beings.

The person who carries out the animal training task is called a trainer. Not all people are capable of carrying it out since to do so it is necessary to know in depth techniques that allow them to interact efficiently with the animal in question.

Trainer techniques

Although there are people who have a natural gift when it comes to interacting with animals, it is essential that they also have specialized training to do so, because apart in many cases it turns out to be a risk, especially when it comes to wild animals or animals. be careful, such as lions.

Generally, the trainer works with the repetition of actions and with a principle of psychology known as classical conditioning, which consists of the activation of a stimulus-response system whose objective is for the animal to associate a given stimulus with a behavior, for For example, if the dog brings me the diary as I taught him, I give him a treat that usually consists of food.

Job training

And another type of training that we can meet is the of the staff, very common in the field of organizations, companies and companies, which carry it out in a continuous, systematic and organized way, with the strict mission that a certain employee can thus develop skills, acquire specific knowledge and achieve the necessary skills to efficiently carry out their work within the company.

In this sense, training would be in some way the culmination of the personnel selection process.

Difference between training and coaching

They are usually confused, but it is accurate differentiate training from trainingWhile in the first a certain action is mechanically repeated, the second consists of the correct learning of skills. It is important to mention it because both concepts are usually used interchangeably and it is not the correct and convenient thing to do for the proper use of the words of our language.

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