definition of outlook

Outlook version, contained in the office 2010 package.

Outlook It is a program that works under the Windows platform and has been developed by the Microsoft company to support people who need an email manager. The function of this program is to receive and send e-mails as well as to store received and sent messages. It also has other functions, but in general, those described above are the basic functions. Now all email management at the basic user level is done with the Internet browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or any of the many browsers on the market. Outlook it is part of the Microsoft office installation package.

Review that in the already "expired" Windows XP, there was a simple version of Outlook that allowed anyone to access basic functions to receive and send emails. Outlook in its first versions was quite easy to handle, you had to follow the instructions of your Internet service provider, whether it was telephone, Vodafone, etc. etc. there are hundreds of operators.

Nowadays it is falling into disuse due to its configuration complexity and because people generally prefer emails whose domain (the famous @ can be used with any Internet provider. When you used the domain of a service company, for example: [email protected] when you changed the company you lost the domain, and you could no longer send or receive messages, you had to notify your contacts of the change of email. The latter was annoying to say the least. In fact it was used by some commercial companies, to force people to stay within the Internet service company.

The new versions of this program come so prepared that just by entering the email that your Internet service provider has assigned you, Outlook detects the configuration automatically. This is not true for all network operators, although it is true for most. This program is not the only mail management program that exists, however it is widely used compared to other programs that generally have to be paid for.

With the Windows 7 operating system, Outlook has disappeared and is replaced, free of charge, by a tool called Windows Mail. This tool is part of the disappeared Messenger and is available for free by downloading a component of the Windows Life package called mail. Outlook is still available, forming part of the corporate package (or aimed at companies) called Microsoft office.

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