document definition

A document is the material evidence or testimony of a fact or act that a natural or legal person, an institution, association, etc., which may be of a public or private nature, carry out as a result of the exercise of their activities and functions and that may be reflected in an information unit that observes any medium, paper , tape, magnetic disk, film and photography, with the object to preserve it in time in case you need it to present it as proof, souvenir or legacy to someone.

In the case of organizations and institutions that carry out a vast and extensive work time, the documents will be necessary every day and for almost all the members of the same, for which it will demand that a work of serial type and will be called documentary series, including: correspondence, minute books, accounting books, among others.

A document It is predominantly composed of written information that may have been handwritten, that is, handwritten, or through a mechanical process such as the typewriter that was used massively in the past or by the computer, which is that mechanical means that predominates today.

In this last case that I was commenting on, that of documents that are created through a computer are conventionally called files and once they have been created by the interested party, thanks to the use of a document editing program, such as Word, they will be given a name and a format, and then saved in the storage unit that is chosen and in this way leave the search better organized in case it is necessary to open them later to consult or modify them.

Documents can also be classified into primary documents, which are those that contain original information of the author and have not been subjected to the treatment or modification of another person other than their person in charge, in secondary, which will be those who did receive treatment and the tertiary, which are those secondary documents to which a treatment was applied.

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