definition of dance

The dance is a movement that involves the entire body, hands, legs, arms, feet, to the beat and following the rhythm of a certain music, that is, the body movement that is performed must accompany, go according to the music that is sounding behind and that mobilizes the dance in question. That is why if they are playing quiet music that involves slow and harmonic movements, I cannot jump as if I were dancing to the rhythm of the frenzy of electronic music.

The dance It is part of the life of man since time immemorial, although in the first antecedents that are told about it, more precisely in the cave paintings, it was more than anything related and colored by a religious character in order to achieve some precise objective, such as dancing to the sun, to the moon, to the rain, as appropriate to the culture, for example to ensure that the sowing achieves its corresponding and desired harvest. Also wars, fertility, death, births had their own dances.

Meanwhile, from well into modernity until today, dance is more than anything related to a strictly social, recreational, leisure and, of course, celebration issue, because dancing is good, it releases endorphins, experts say. People today fall in love with dance or disco, for the most modern and also dance on the occasion of a birthday party, wedding or baptism. Although of course, there are still those cultures that give a more esoteric or religious meaning to the question of dance.

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