incident definition

A incident it is what gets in the way of the normal course of a situation or an event.

That which stands in the way of the normal development of a situation and for example suspends and interrupts it

That event that happens will suspend or interrupt in an unexpected way what was happening or was expected to happen, and will hinder the normal course of things.

It can be thousands of situations, which may or may not cause negative consequences, and in some cases it is necessary to reprogram the activities that were planned and that were suspended.

Uses and applications

For example, during a candidate's campaign act, a member of the public assaults the candidate in question and then the act is immediately suspended. Aggression in this case is the incident that will interrupt outright the natural succession of the event that was for the candidate's act to take place as agreed, with a speech and the presentation of his team.

In some cases the consequences can certainly be serious and lead to the death of someone, in these cases it will speak of a specific tragedy.

Fight between two or more people

On the other hand, the term incident is also used to refer to the fight or dispute that occurs between two or more people. “The game between River and Boca was suspended forty minutes into the first half due to a fight that broke out in River's tribune and culminated in the murder of a fan.”

That fight or fight can only consist of verbal aggressions that do not exceed it and end there, with a strong exchange of words, or it can involve the use of physical violence with all the consequences that they can entail, for example that someone leaves severely hurt.

Law: mini-trial that is followed in connection with a mother cause

Meanwhile, to instances of law, an incident is that question that differs from the main matter that you occupy in a trial but that is related to it.

Among the most common incidents that usually arise in the normal course of a trial are: the challenge of the evidence presented, the challenge of the judge or a witness, request for postponement of the process, among others.

Meanwhile, the incident can be resolved flatThis is when the judge decides without a hearing from the other party that the incident in question has no links with the claims of the parties, or failing that, because it is out of time; or prior hearing of the parties involved.

The sentence that resolves the incident, normally, and with a previous hearing of the parties that are in conflict, corresponds to the judge or court that hears the mother or main cause, and during the course of that process, it is called interlocutory.

Occupational incident: problem that is generated in the workplace and in which the health of the employee is at risk

On the other hand, we can find the so-called labor incident, which, as its name anticipates, is a problem that is generated in the workplace of a person and that puts their health and that of other workers at risk.

It is closely related to the concept of an occupational accident.

To avoid these types of incidents, which in many cases are serious for workers and can even have fatal consequences, the organizations that deal with control in companies and the companies themselves have begun to develop very rigorous protocols regarding the protection in this sense and by case the conditions must be observed without exceptions.

Any deviation in this sense can and should be punished since what is at stake is the lives of the people who are working.

Of course there are jobs that are more risky than others, the risk that a construction worker has that an office worker may experience is not the same.

So the protocols and care are developed based on the work tasks.

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