definition of noise pollution

The concept of noise pollution is a very current concept that has to do with the problematic phenomenon that develops especially in large cities and that involves the generation of extremely high levels of noise or sounds that can be harmful to hearing health and well-being. of a person who is constantly exposed to them. Noise pollution has to do in most cases with sounds and noises that occur in the public sphere and that are caused by phenomena such as traffic and vehicle horns, the constant activity of airplanes and other aircraft, the presence of public works using very loud power tools, etc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is considered that the levels of exposure to sound of a person should never exceed 70 decibels. This is so since it is considered that the human ear can tolerate and assimilate that level of sound without being temporarily or permanently damaged. Any sound that is calculated above that sound volume will be considered dangerous and possibly cause some type of injury to the person, especially if that person is constantly exposed to sound.

Many times, a person can lose their hearing temporarily if they were suddenly exposed to a very loud and high pitched sound. This is the case with exposure to noise bombs, fireworks and other types of particular explosions. However, in many of these cases, hearing can resume some time later since, being an isolated situation, the human auditory system is not completely damaged.

However, permanent exposure to sounds close to or greater than 70 decibels can cause serious damage to a person's hearing since the injury does not have time to heal and continues to worsen. In most cases, the damage that this type of noise pollution generates is imperceptible and gradual, so the person does not act to stop it. The person can also suffer from insomnia and fatigue, irritability and stress due to this type of sound exposure.

It is very common for someone to suffer from noise pollution when living in areas near highways or with a lot of traffic (in addition to air pollution in that case), in central areas of a city, in places where they are carry out works and spare parts, in airports, in spaces of military tests, of car races, in recitals, etc.

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