definition of sport

Who has not ever been asked that of "Do you practice any sport"?. The sport itself is that physical activity exercised within a game or competition of any kind, whose practice is subject to specific rules. This physical activity can be a simple entertainment, a competition, a I play for pleasure or a physical exercise and / or mental that helps us to be in shape or to recover some lost state. As a data of interest, the practice of sport seems an exclusively human activity, since similar activities are not recorded in other forms of animal life.

Although the playful component is present in the learning of puppies of other mammals, only in human beings is the true meaning of sports activity verified. Evolutionary biologists even maintain that sport is the result of the transformation of the ancient hunting strategies of our ancestors, now unnecessary, by another form of activity that allowed the maintenance of physical condition. Interesting theory, no doubt, but impossible to demonstrate in practice. On the other hand, we do not have to associate the word sport simply and exclusively with physical sports. Specifically, the Chess It is considered a sport, in which the fundamental activity that takes place is mental, right?

If we embark on history a bit, they say that already the Chinese, back in the 4th century BC, practiced activities that could be framed within the terms of the sport. It should be noted the gymnastics that was practiced at that time in China (Maybe that's why the Chinese are so good at it, right?), or swimming, javelin and fighting of the ancient Egyptians. But the basis of the great sports is found in the Greece classical. Hence the Greeks created the Olympic Games, to worship sports, and especially man and his body, as the highest expression of the force of life. The celebration of the Games acquired such importance that, during their realization, temporary armistices were put into practice in the frequent wars between city-states or with foreign powers, in such a way as not to impede athletic activity. In relation to the modern Olympic Games, which began in 1896, they are considered the quintessential event in today's sport. Held every 4 years in a designated host city in advance. Likewise, every 4 years (and separated by 2 years with respect to these Games) winter competitions are held for sports such as skiing and others that are held on snow. The imminent appointments correspond to Sochi (Russia) for the 2014 Winter Games and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for the 2016 Olympics.

Today, sport is considered a fundamental practice for people's quality of life. Who more, who less, needs a bit of sport, either at the highest level, or a simple walk at a fast pace, like walkers, to take care of both body and mind. Sport has, in turn, become one of the great entertainment models of society. It is almost impossible to find a country that is not associated with a specific sport, such as soccer with England, basketball with USA , karate with Japan, taekwondo with Korea, capoeira with Brazil, tai chi with China, rugby with Australia or New Zealand and the pole with Argentina, among others.

In this sense, sport in general, with an emphasis on certain aerobic and anaerobic exercise practices, is considered a true therapeutic arsenal. There are many chronic diseases in which sports practice is a cardinal component of treatment. In this area, common conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, overweight, hypertension, diabetes and numerous rheumatoses are mentioned. On the other hand, sport is recommended as an activity in the therapy of different alterations of higher mental functions, such as neuroses, some psychopathies and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Sport is also a powerful weapon in the rehabilitation of people with different capacities, not only for those with motor limitations, such as children and adults with cerebral palsy or with sequelae of spinal and bone injuries, but also for people with syndrome of Down or other chromosomal abnormalities. It is enough to observe the extraordinary display of the Paralympic Games or the football championships for the blind to recognize the role of sport as a tool for integration and growth of personality and self-esteem.

Therefore, nothing better than practicing a little sport. Well-being and health is a fundamental part of it, and shows the perfect balance between the physical and the mental part. At all ages and health conditions, there is always the right space for sport to become a daily companion, aimed at optimizing the pace and quality of life of people who enjoy these activities in their various expressions.

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