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The term publication is used to refer to the act by which certain information, act, data, etc. is made public or disclosed. The publication can be in different types of supports that have varied in availability and importance throughout history, the most common being written, printed or, currently, digital.

When we talk about publication we can talk about different situations. The primary one, which gives rise to all the others, is the idea of ​​making information, a piece of information, a fact known and out of the private sphere so that the greatest number of people know it. The publication of this type of information can be accidental (such as when a secret is spread among several people) or sought after (for example, when it is intended to publish a photo or an incriminating text).

Publication is one of the most important acts of democracy since it has to do with the possibility of accessing information and acts that were previously in the private sphere of politics and that today, by law, must be made known.

On the other hand, the publication may know several types depending on the public, the topics covered, the material, the support, etc. Thus, publishing written materials in editorials results in books, magazines and other types of material that are read by a large number of people. Scientific and academic publications are, on the contrary, more exclusive and are usually reserved for those who work in these fields since they use very specific and complex information, terminology and concepts.

Finally, we must mention the periodicals that are very common today and are normally known as newspapers or newspapers. These publications are obtained daily, every fifteen days or monthly and their main characteristic is the fact that they have information that is constantly updated, which is why their publication continues. These types of examples may or may not have more specific language and terminology depending on the target audience. In addition, they are more accessible publications in economic terms as well.

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