definition of elongation

Elongation is understood to be the activity by which a person stretches and relaxes the different muscles of their body in order to prepare them for exercise or to allow them to rest after it. Stretching is a part of the sports routine that many people often do not pay adequate attention to, which can easily lead to injuries and even serious injuries. This is why it is always highly recommended to make an adequate elongation of those muscles that are going to be used in the exercise in order to be able to get the maximum benefits from it, avoiding any type of complication or muscle ailment.

Stretching is a simple action that usually does not require much effort and also does not help when it comes to counting calories expended. This is so since usually in the elongation the muscle is not too demanding, but simply prepares it for the subsequent action, be it of any kind. Thus, elongation should not be confused with the exercise routine because as such it does not serve a sporting purpose.

The main objective of stretching is to prepare and warm up the muscle for subsequent exercise. To understand this we must start from the fact that the muscles are cold when one is at rest and take them to a very high demand suddenly and without work or previous warm-up can mean stretching, injuries, sprains, pain of all kinds, some deeper than others. At the same time, elongation is always recommended also at the end of the activity so that none of the muscles used in it remains in a permanent state of tension, which can also generate complications.

Depending on the type of activity to be performed, the elongation can easily vary. It usually focuses on the legs and arms, stretching and contracting the muscles that make up these limbs. In more specific cases, elongation can also be added on areas such as the ankles, waist, shoulders and neck since these sections are always required and their lack of work can generate very recurrent and unfavorable discomfort to continue with the exercise.

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