definition of life project

The life project is a drawn plan, a vital scheme that fits into the order of priorities, values ​​and expectations of a person who, as the owner of his destiny, decides how he wants to live. This life project is directly linked to the happiness because what the human heart really wants is to connect with the joy of a full life. In essence, this life project includes the plans that really add well-being to a person who is aware of what he wants and struggles to achieve it.

Knowing how to adapt: ​​Plans don't always go the way you want

The project of life Previously drawn at the theoretical level, it does not always fit like a puzzle into practical action since life cannot be controlled one hundred percent. But it is important that in general terms a person feels that he is at the point where he really wants to be and that he has a life that really satisfies him. Otherwise, inner dissatisfaction, discomfort and sadness arise from not making the most of the time really well.

Regardless of the result, the important thing is to set goals

What is significant is having a project that sets a goal, it does not matter if it is met by this or that scheduled date, sooner or earlier than expected or thought in a timely manner, the fundamental thing is to delineate a personal project because that will imply challenge, growth and looking forward, something that will always bring benefits in personal development.

The draft Life is individual, however, there are times when the project of one person crosses the path of another. This is the case, for example, in the case of forming a couple.

When two life projects are not compatible, then a difficult problem arises to reconcile. That is, if one of the two wants to get married in the church but the other does not want to, if one wants to have children and the other does not, if one opts for a more lifestyle materialistic while the other has more spiritual values, then, there are no points in common and it is difficult to find bridges that act as a link between two different people.

In the couple: Match and share the same project

But when both coincide there is a unity in the thought of projecting a life in common: getting married, having children, etc. In this framework, the life project ends up expanding and it is also being built on a par with another person, and no longer personally, at least in those shared aspects.

A life project is so important that it can even motivate a personal crisis if it is that a certain age has been reached and it is perceived that nothing that was dreamed or proposed came out as intended. Now, it is important that we point out that the crises that can be unleashed in this sense can also be good because they mark an internal readjustment from which conclusions can be derived that help to promote positive changes.

There is always time to try to achieve a goal

It is important to remember that any moment in life is conducive to fulfilling the true dreams of the heart and betting on happiness. To define your short-term life project, think about where you want to be in a year and visualize yourself in your ideal vital position. The adventure is worth it.

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