definition of energy saving

The energy saving, also called energy saving or energy efficiency, consists of optimizing energy consumption with the ultimate goal of reducing energy use, although the final result is not affected by this.

Optimization of energy use in order to save resources, costs and without affecting the result

According to the studies and research that are constantly being carried out on climate change, it is essential that human beings can reduce our enormous dependence on non-renewable energy, which as such, is becoming more and more depleted every day.

Tips to save energy

Meanwhile, in this sense, two issues are essential, on the one hand, we must learn to obtain energy through a more economical and respectful way with our environment, and on the other hand and here lies the most important thing: we must learn to use that energy we obtain efficiently, that is, not using it in unnecessary situations.

There are many ways we have to contribute to the crusade for a conscious and optimal use of energy, among the most prominent are: using fluorescent lights instead of incandescent lights, since the former use a quarter of the energy consumed by the latter, with which we would be greatly reducing consumption; increased use of cogeneration, technique that takes advantage of residual heatFor example, using the hot steam that comes out of an installation, such as that of a turbine for the production of electrical energy, with that remaining heat, water could be heated or used in any other process; This is a technique that is being widely used in hotels, industries and hospitals, because in addition to significant energy savings, it represents a great economic saving.

Another alternative is the insulation of buildings and constructionsFor example, planting trees around the house to obtain more shade in summer, thus we will reduce the heating of it and we will not have to turn on fans or air conditioners for long hours to cool the house.

And the fuel savings in transport It is the other great key measure that would allow an incredible saving of energy, since the different means of transport turn out to be the main responsible for the consumption of oil and not to mention the pollution that they produce in its path. Therefore, any savings made in this regard will be very impressive in reducing energy consumption. A solution to this issue would be the massive use of alternative fuels that involve methanol or hydrogen or any other substance that does not involve more and more consumption of non-renewable energy.

As you can conclude from the above, if we consume less energy, the increase in supply decreases and also the need to build new power supply plants, or also the import of energy from other countries, something that is happening in many nations. Because consumption is certainly important and then the country does not manage to meet the demand per se, with its resources and then it has to ask neighboring countries to sell it energy, with the costs that this entails for the state of course.

As far as each individual is concerned, we can from our place make small contributions that, added to those of a majority, can cause really substantial savings for the cause at hand, among them we can cite the following: use the air conditioners at a certain level. adequate, always recommended in summer to set them at 24 °, it is a comfortable temperature and less energy is consumed; It is also important that when we have them turned on we keep the windows closed so that the cold or heat does not escape.

On the other hand, we must incline them towards products that have containers that have little weight.

Always turn off the lights that are not being consumed as well as unplug all the appliances and devices that are not being used, many of them, even in stand-by and plugged in, have a minimum expense that we can avoid.

On the other hand, it is important that the electrical installation that we have does not present leaks, in case it must be checked.

Home appliances are the major consumers of energy at home, refrigerators are the ones that consume the most energy, so it is important to know that the ideal is to choose models that present a controlled and adequate consumption; We must also observe that the doors close perfectly and thus avoid the leak that generates a higher consumption; and finally, place the thermostat at the appropriate level.

Although it may not seem like those small contributions that each one from their home or work space can make a lot and if we are thousands that contribution is multiplied and the savings can be substantial.

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