exposure definition

The term exhibition has several references. On the one hand, it is called exposure to that presentation or exhibition of a certain thing or question in a public way so that a mass public can know it or access it.. Generally, collections of objects of diverse origins and themes, such as works of art, archaeological finds, instruments, models, scientific inventions, among others, are usually those questions that occupy the object of being an exhibition because they precisely interest a certain segment of the public.

On the other hand, to the explanation or statement of an event or fact, it is also designated by the word exposition.

The oral presentation has the purpose of informing about a fact through the most rigorous way possible. An exhibition consists of three fundamental parts: the introduction, the development and the conclusion.

As I said, the exhibition seeks to explain in depth a certain fact before a wide and heterogeneous audience, for this reason is that first and before carrying out the exhibition, a lot and varied information on the subject must be gathered so that all the events can be presented. edges had and to have of the subject.

In addition, and in order to achieve a positive response from the public or audience, it will be essential for the speaker to have mentally organized what he will talk about, that is, he can use a visual or textual guide but never read it aloud, he would lose the effect and the imprint. Oral presentation is a very common form of communication in many areas, but especially in academia, since it turns out to be widely used by both teachers and students, the former to explain the topics they teach and for the latter when the time comes. to confirm to the teachers what they have learned, the famous oral exam. Also, in the judicial sphere, expositions are very common, for example, during trials, when the prosecutor and the defense present the facts to be judged.

And the last of the uses that is generally given to the term exhibition is that which refers to the placement of a thing, object or subject in a certain space so that it receives the action of a certain agent.

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