definition of antecedent

The term antecedent is normally used to refer to those Circumstances that have occurred before and in anticipation of others and that can normally be used to judge subsequent situations or events or to compare past events with present and future events.

Also, the term is often used when for example there are a series of pending issues In a given context, such as that of a company and when the time comes for a meeting in which these issues will be discussed, they will traditionally be referred to as antecedents.

This in regard to its more general meaning, but also the term has some peculiarities depending on the context in which it is applied.

In a grammatical context, the name, pronoun or sentence that is placed before a relative pronoun and to which the latter refers is called antecedent.. For example and to make the sentence clearer, in the sentence: this is the dress that I want to wear for Maite's party, the dress is the antecedent of what.

On the other hand and already on another context such as the judicial, A criminal record or record is those annotations that are made in a corresponding registry, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, such as the records kept by the judiciary of a particular region, of the sentences imposed on individuals as a result of the commission of some crime.

Obviously, depending on each particular legislation, it is common that to apply for a job or to obtain permission to use a weapon or for any other reason, a criminal record certificate is required, which will be issued by the competent authority and that by Of course, it will certify that this or that person does not have any criminal record.

Likewise, those convicted of any offense have the right, once the civil or criminal liabilities transgressed have been settled, to demand, also from the competent authorities, that they issue them ex officio or upon request, a certificate that accounts for the cancellation of the the penal annotations that are against him.

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