definition of evaluation

It is called evaluation to the dynamic process through which, and indistinctly, a company, organization or academic institution can know its own performance, especially its achievements and weaknesses and thus reorient proposals or focus on those positive results to make them even more profitable.

Historically, evaluation has emerged as a control tool, so through it the educational establishments not only control the learning of their students, but also allow them to exercise careful control over the task that teachers perform, since These are the ones who ultimately have the enormous responsibility of bringing to fruition this crucial issue for the progress and evolution of humanity in any part of the world. In other words, contrary to what is believed, that only students are those who are subject to evaluation in an educational institution, teachers are also, since they are actually the key and fundamental piece of the education process and that will ultimately mark its success or failure.

Although in many cultures and societies the subject of evaluation has always been more associated with the student and a number to overcome to meet the approval of a certain subject and bye, in recent times and relying on disciplines such as psychology is that it is being trying to change this somewhat archaic mentality and that little repairs in the possibilities and individual characteristics of each person and in this way be able to attend and correct those weak points that may arise in the learning process and thus achieve that the evaluation in addition to Give us a number that allows the student or teacher to pass a grade or better position themselves in their career, as appropriate, tell us a little more about the weaknesses and successes that can occur in this process.

Meanwhile and strictly moving away from the educational field where, of course, evaluation has a very strong and permanent presence, in recent decades, it has also become a faithful ally in the commercial and business world, since it is often used it to evaluate the performance of employees and if it is necessary to implement the relevant training in order to improve the task they perform, or, and already going in search of the always long-awaited economic results, an evaluation process referred only to to the finances of a company, you will be able to study and if necessary choose alternatives that improve the productivity of a business.

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