definition of radio script

The Radio Script is the tool that allows you to plan a radio program and especially to have a record of all the sound material that will be necessary for the realization of the program..

Then, in the radio script, all those steps and details that will concern the program in question are detailed and highlighted and depending on the type of program it is about, it will need a greater or lesser exhaustiveness, that is, if what prevails in the program is improvisation, surely, the script will be more of a general outline and will not contain so much data.

On the other hand, the radio script is the fundamental element for the announcers and sound technicians to understand and know what follows and configures a space in the program.

There are different types of scripts that will be determined by the following variables: the information they present, the possibility of making modifications to them and the way in which they are presented..

According to the information they contain, we find the literary scripts (They attribute fundamental importance to the text that the speaker reads, they exclude technical annotations referring to planning, only the moments in which sound effects or music should appear are indicated), technicians (technical indications predominate and the verbal text appears scarcely, or is not directly aware of it. This turns out to be the most used in news and magazine segments) and the literary-technicians (They contain the complete verbal text and the technical indications also in detail).

In the second, according to the possibility of making modifications or not, the open scripts (flexible, can be modified during the course of the program) and the closed dashes (they do not admit modifications). And by the way they present, they can be europeans (It is presented in two or more columns, the one on the left always corresponds to the technical indications and the text will be included as desired in the rest) or American people (It is presented in a single column, separating the technical and verbal indications through indented paragraphs. Technical annotations are underlined, the names of the speakers appear in capital letters and a margin is left on the left side to note modifications if necessary) .

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